Bathtub Safari

Jack's mother pokes her head around the bathroom door. Jack relaxes in his bath.

Bathtime is Jack’s favourite part of the day.

‘I’ll be back in a few moments,’ says his mom. ‘Make sure to clean behind your ears.’

Jack sees something green and spiky move on the water.

There’s a SWOOSH. And a swish of a tail.

And then…

Jack gleefully rides on the back of a crocodile.

Jack’s bathtub safari begins!

Jack notices something twisting on the grey taps.

Look at what’s coming!

There’s a twist and a turn..

Something’s growing…

It’s a…

Jack stands on an elephant's back while it showers him with water.


From the elephant's back, Jack notices something long and yellow.

There’s a RUMBLE!



It’s going up


Jack swings from the neck of a giraffe.


A sponge in the water turns into a hippopotamus.

There’s a SPLOSH. Something bubbles.

It’s time to…

Jack sunbathes on the hippo's back. From there he sees something orange.


But something’s lurking in the background…

A lion roars.


Jack's mother is at the bathroom door. Jack lies alone in the bath.

‘Time to get out. I hope you’re clean and ready for bed.’

Jack is fast asleep in bed surrounded by his toy animals.