Come back, cat!

Cat hides under the couch.

Come back, cat! Play with me.

Cat leaps up and hangs off the curtains.

Sit in your basket. Stay right here!

Cat sits in her basket. She is grumpy.

Come back, cat! That’s way too high.

Cat sneaks out the back door.

Come back, cat! Don’t go outside.

Cat runs outside and chases butterflies.

Cat pulls a sock off the washline and unravels the thread.

Come back, cat! That’s not yours.

Cat finds a snail in the dirt. The sock thread is wound around her tail.

Come back, cat! What have you got?

Cat encounters a chicken. Cat now has thread around her tail and the snail on her back.

Come back, cat.

That’s not your friend!

Chicken feathers float around Cat's head. She still has the thread around her tail and the snail on her back.

Hello, cat! Are you back?

Cat lies in her basket looking satisfied.

Stay in your basket. It’s nap time now.

Cat's basket is empty except for a few feathers.


Cat sleeps peacefully on the couch with the feathers, thread and snail.