How about you?

A girl wearing dungarees and a cap and a boy wearing a tutu and playing a guitar stand in a puddle.

Who are you?

A monster dripping goo looks in their direction.

Is that goo?


I want some too.

A block with the number 2 stands in the puddle. The number 632 is written in goo.

We are two.

How old are you?

Six hundred and thirty two?

The girl wears blue. The boy wears red shoes.

I like blue. Do you too?

I choose two shoes.

Which do you choose?

The monster has horseshoes for eyes.


A ball, a toy car and some marbles lie in a puddle.

I make toys with boys.

The boy and the monster shout.

We make lots of noise.



The girl sleeps on a woman's back.

I take a nap on Gogo’s back.

The boy sits in the puddle, wide awake.

I don’t nap!

The moon and the sun shine.

I stay upright all through the night.

Someone kicks a ball into the monster's goo.

The ball goes THWOCK! Buddy, you ROCK!

The monster and the children hold hands.

That’s what we do. How about you?