Is There Anyone Like Me?

Donkey lies on the grass and wonders to herself.

I wonder if there’s another me somewhere in the world.

She leans over the river bank and gazes at herself in the water. She brays loudly across the cliffs.

Who looks the same.

And talks the same.

Donkey stands next to Hippo and Mouse and they compare their curly tails.

And even has my curls.

Donkey looks up at her pointy ears with her big green eyes. Donkey laughs.

Someone with my eyes my ears.

Who even has my laugh.

Donkey and Hyena jump over the rocks.

Who can do what I can do …

Monkey peels a banana. Donkey and Guinea Fowl look at the banana. They are confused.

… and can’t do what I can’t.

Donkey is at the park. She peers around a tree.

I’ve looked and looked everywhere to find another me.

I went down to the park and looked behind the trees.

Donkey looks closely at Bird in her nest and Mouse in his hole.

I looked around, up and down …

Donkey examines Buffalo, Giraffe and Elephant across the watering hole.

… at every single face.

Donkey looks at her own shadow.

I couldn’t find another me in any single place.

Donkey smiles and all the other animals smile too.

There’s only one me in the world!

I’m special, oh it’s true!

Donkey winks.

But not just me, don’t you see?

There’s only one of you!