Mrs Penguin’s Perfect Palace

Mrs Penguin and Papa Penguin talk.

“I wish I had a HOUSE!” said Mrs Penguin. “I don’t like living in rubbish.”

“Dear Mrs Penguin,” said Papa Penguin. “We will build you a palace.”

Sissie Penguin scratches herself. Boetie Penguin holds a measuring tape. Gobbles wears a nappy. Mrs Penguin works.

So the Penguin family set to work.

“The sand is making me itch,” grumbled Sissie.

“The measurements are wrong,” said Boetie.

“I’m hungry,” said Gobbles.

Mrs Penguin sighed. She was doing all the work.

They have built a sandcastle. The sea washes it away. The Penguin family is sad.

At last the castle was finished.

But the tide came in and washed it away.

“We’ll try again,” said Papa Penguin.

The Penguin family carry stones with their flippers. They also use a wheelbarrow.

“Come children, we’ll build Mama a mansion from stone.”

So the Penguin family set to work.

Sissie holds a tower of stones; Boetie gets tangled up with his measuring tape. Gobbles shakes his rattle and cries.

“The stones are heavy,” grumbled Sissie.

“The measurements are wrong,” said Boetie.

“I’m still hungry,” said Gobbles.

They have built a stone house. The wind blows it down. Mrs Penguin shouts!

At last it was finished.

But the wind came up and blew it over.

Mrs Penguin was cross.

“I’m not doing any more work,” she said.

Papa Penguin talks to Boetie and Sissie. Mrs Penguin holds Gobbles.

“We’ll try again,” said Papa.“I can’t think of anything,” said Sisi. “It’s too hard.”

“We haven’t got any cement,” said Boetie. “You can’t build a proper house without cement.”

“I’m hungry,” said Gobbles.

Mrs Penguin sighed. She was never going to get her home.

Mrs Penguin points at all the rubbish on the beach.

“Just look at all this mess,” she said.

Then Mrs Penguin had an idea.

Boetie carries a pile of wood; Sissie drags a fishing net. Gobbles pulls a toy trolley filled with plastic. Papa brings Mrs Penguin a hammer.

“Boetie, fetch wood,” she said.

“Sissie, find nets.”

“Gobbles, pick up plastic.

Papa, fetch the hammer.”

All day they worked.

Sissie cries. Boetie is tangled up in his measuring tape. Mama works. Gobbles has a tantrum on the beach.

I’m tired,” said Sissie.

“Keep working,” said Mama.

“The measurements are wrong,” said Boetie.

“Keep working,” said Mama.

“I’m still hungry,” said Gobbles.

“Keep working,” said Mama.

Mama and Papa talk. The family works hard.

“It’s going to be wonderful,” said Papa.

“You’re doing a good job,” said Mama.

So they worked and worked and worked and worked…

…and at last the house was finished.

The house is finished. It is made from all the rubbish found on the beach. The whole family is happy.

“Welcome to your palace,” said Papa. Mrs Penguin clapped her flippers. “Thank you,” she said. “It’s Mrs Penguin’s Perfect Palace.