Sbu’s Special Shoes

Sbu tries on a pair of big red takkies. A chicken sits next to him.

These are my big brother Sbu’s shoes.

Sbu runs with the shoes on. The chicken watches.

Look what I can do in them.

Sbu sprints with his push car. The chicken flies above him.

I can race cars!

The dog chases Sbu. The chicken flies above.

Sometimes, I even race our bouncy dog.

Sbu is number one! The chicken stands next to him.

With Sbu’s shoes I win every time.

Sbu and the chicken put their hand out - wait!


Let me show you one more thing.

Sbu and the chicken dance.

Watch me dance and spin.

Sbu and the chicken do cartwheels.

I can cartwheel over and over.

Sbu hangs upside down from a tree branch. The chicken watches.

I’m a monkey! Look at me hang upside down.

Sbu leaps over the houses. The chicken watches from a roof.

Watch me jump and catch the moon.

Sbu holds the shoes in his hands.

Here, try them on!

The chicken tries the shoes on!

See what you can do in Sbu’s special shoes.