Shongololo’s Shoes

Shongololo only sees four of his yellow gumboots on the floor.

Where are all my shoes?

I know I left them here!

It is raining and Hedgehog holds up an umbrella made from one of Shongololo's yellow gumboots.

I haven’t seen your shoes.

Go ask Snail!

Snail sits on top of a mushroom. His new shell is a bright yellow gumboot!

No shoes here.

Go ask Giraffe.

Giraffe rides a bright pink bicycle. He uses one of Shongololo's shoes as a helmet.

I’m in a hurry – go ask Frog.

Frog floats down the river in one of Shongololo's shoes.

Shoes? How many?

Go ask Flamingo.

Flamingo dances in a puddle. She wears two of Shongololo's shoes as earrings.

Seen your shoes?

No, not me.

Shongololo lies down in despair and starts to cry.

Will I ever find my shoes?

Fox stands under a tree drinking tea out of a yellow shoe.

Shoes, eh? You should ask the Monkeys

The monkeys are in the tree. They play tin can telephone with two of Shongololo's shoes.

We’re busy. Go ask Owl, she knows everything!

Hello hello?

Owl sits on a branch and reads a book. There is a yellow gumboot filled with pens and pencils next to her.

Hmm. I have an idea. Why don’t you ask Lion?

Lion preens himself in front of the mirror. His mane is arranged in tight curls held in place by nine of Shongololo's gumboots.

These are yours? I’ll give them all back if you come to my party!

All of the animals enjoy a party under the stars. Shongololo finally wears all of his shoes.