An inventor sits at his desk making something. His daughter, Neo and her cat watch him work. He has made a hat with a propeller on top.

Neo waves goodbye as her father flies up in the air wearing his new invention.

With her father gone, Neo is bored. She walks around aimlessly.

Neo has an idea. She will make something too. While her cat sleeps, she reads Science books and makes plans to build springy shoes.

Neo wears her springy shoes and a red cape. She bounches up in the air.

She bounces on the pavement.

She bounces high above the buildings.

She bounces across the world.

She bounces high above the clouds.

She starts to come back down to earth. Her father is waiting to catch her.

Her father catches her. He looks at her new springy shoes.

Neo, her cat and her father are all wearing springy shoes and bouncing in space.