Thato’s Birthday Surprise

Thato points to the calendar on his bedroom wall.

It is one week until Thato’s birthday.

That’s seven whole days!

Thato eats his breakfast. Mama says he will get a big surprise for his birthday.

His mama says: “Your birthday present will be a BIG surprise!”

Thato wonders: what will it be?

Thato flies in the sky. He has wings strapped to his arms.

On Monday Thato thinks:

Maybe I will get giant wings so I can fly high in the sky like a bird…”

The house next door is a giant cake!

On Tuesday Thato thinks:

“Maybe I will have a birthday cake as big as a house!”

Thato flies in a rocket through space.

On Wednesday Thato thinks:

“Maybe I will get a rocket ship to whizz up to the moon.

Thato wears goggles and flippers. He swims under the ocean.

On Thursday Thato thinks:

“Maybe I will get fins so I can swim under the water like a fish.”

Thato is on a soccer field. He holds a trophy high in the air.

On Friday Thato thinks:

“Maybe I will get magic soccer boots and score a thousand goals!”

Thato wears a crown. He opens a box which sparkles with jewels.

On Saturday Thato thinks:

“Maybe I will get a key that opens a box filled with treasure!”

Mama opens the door for Thato.

On Sunday it is Thato’s birthday.

Mama smiles and says: “Come and see your surprise!”

Thato's brother gets out of a taxi. He carries his luggage.

It is the best present ever.

Thato’s big brother Kudzai has come to visit all the way from the big city!

Thato's brother picks Thato up and hugs him.

Thato smiles and smiles and his big brother lifts him up in the air and hugs him.

Kudzai asks:“What do you want to do for your birthday, little brother?”

Thato thinks of his wings, his cake, flying through space, swimming, playing soccer and hunting for treasure.

And Thato knows exactly what they will do the whole day long.