The best thing ever

Muzi looks at the impressive tower he has made with wooden blocks.

Muzi loves to build things.

He dreams of building the best thing ever.

Muzi has built a shelter for his toys. It is a blanket tied to a door handle. His mother opens the door. The shelter falls apart.

Once he built a shelter for his toys.

But it wasn’t the best thing ever.

Muzi builds a bridge with his blocks. One part falls down under the weight of his toy animals.

Yesterday he built a bridge for his animals.

It was a good thing. But not the best…

Muzi closes the door to his bedroom where all his toys are packed away. He carries a backpack.

Today Muzi is going to visit uGogo.

He is sad. Without his toys, how can he build the best thing ever?

Muzi and his mother stand at the bus stop. They point to a man and his overflowing trolley of recyclable objects.

At the bus stop, Muzi is amazed.

He sees red things and blue things.

Small things and big things.

New things and old things.

Muzi sits on his mother's lap inside the bus. He sees clouds in the shape of a house.

Muzi has a new idea for building the best thing ever.

Muzi kneels down and picks up objects in the road: bottle tops and cans and ice cream sticks...

On the road to uGogo’s, Muzi finds many things.

Long things and short things.

Round things and square things.

Muzi stands by the river. He notices leaves and twigs and stones.

By the riverside, Muzi finds more things.

Soft things and pointy things.

Green things and brown things.

Muzi and his mother arrive at Gogo's shack. They carry shopping bags filled with Muzi's found objects.

Look, Muzi! We are here.

Muzi's mother and Gogo bake bread. Muzi builds in the corner using dough and his newfound things.

While uGogo bakes for the hungry travellers…

Muzi builds.

Muzi presents his sculpture to Gogo. It is a house made from dough and all his found objects.

Look Gogo, a new house for you.

Oh, Muzi, laughs Gogo.

This is the best thing ever!

The house is a beautiful mix of colours and textures using bottle tops, sticks, matchboxes and more.

Gogo, Gogo! says Muzi. The world is full of toys. Look what I can build.