Walking Together

A mother and her young daughter walk away from their rondawel.

When we go walking and the road is long, we’ll walk together singing a song.

They walk far down the road. They walk towards the hills.

I am with you and you are with me.

A journey is fun with our family.

They see a mother hen with a chick under her wing.

I’ll keep you cosy like a mother hen.

She keeps her chicks warm under her wing.

They see a man walking in the rain. He wears a traditional straw hat.

If the rain starts to fall down from the sky, like that good hat I’ll keep your face dry.

The mother and child stand under a rock and watch the rain fall.

If storm clouds get angry and grumble and moan, be brave, why cry?

You’re not alone.

They see a big waterfall.

We’re walking together so we never get bored.

Look up! Look around!

See where we’ve explored!

They see a donkey carrying sticks on its back. It also wears a traditional straw hat!

If you see something that’s funny to see, I don’t want to miss it.

Please share it with me!

They arrive at the clinic building.

If your feet start to hurt from the distance we’ve passed, don’t worry, we’ve made it!

Here’s the clinic at last.

The clinic sister check's the girl's heart, ears and throat.

We all need to check our throat, lungs and ears.

Get strong as you grow, it’s no reason for tears.

The clinic sister checks her mother's blood pressure.

Do you think it’s scary?

Here, hold my hand.

She’ll check your blood pressure with this clever armband.

The mother and daughter leave the clinic. Mother is carrying a bag of medicine. They are both smiling.

They give us our medicine, tell us what we should know, to keep us all healthy.

Now back home we go.

It is night time. Mother tucks the little girl into her bed.

It’s okay to be tired, there’s so much we’ve seen.

Now it’s your bedtime.

Sleep well and sweet dreams.