What if…?

A little girl sits outside on the steps of her house. She is dreaming.

Nandi sat on the blue steps of her house.

There are dream bubbles, birds and coloured shapes all over.

She was wondering…

Nandi jumps high above her house.

What if jelly beans made you jump really high?

You could get to school in one big leap!

Nandi talks to two chickens and a goat.

What if goats and chickens could talk?

Would they tell good jokes?

Nandi blasts off in a rocket ship.

What if houses were rocket ships?

Your family could go on holidays to the moon!

Nandi sits at the table holding a knife and fork. There is a hamburger on the table.

What if no one had to cook? What if supper just arrived on the table?

(And it was always your favourite.)

Nandi eats an ice lolly.

What if ice-lollies never melted?

They could last all summer.

Tigers, elephants, books and their characters swirl around Nandi's head.

What if the pictures in books flew around your head when Dad read to you?

Nandi wears pink gum boots and runs very fast.

What if my pink gumboots were magical?

I could run faster than my big brother!

Nandi squeezes her eyes shut.

What if you squeezed your eyes shut and…

Nandi sits outside on the steps of her house. She is still dreaming. Her brother stands behind her.

“Nandi, what are you doing?” asked Nandi’s big brother.

Nandi sat back on the step with a big smile on her face.

Nandi smiles.

“Just wondering,” she said.