Who is our friend?

Crocodile, Zebra, Giraffe and Rhino stand together.

Can you guess who our best friend is?

He’s not like us at all.

Bird sits alone.

Our best friend is Bird!

Rhino snorts angrily at the fleas buzzing around his tail.

I am Rhino.

I get covered in fleas.

Bird sits on Rhino's back with a fly in his beak. Rhino is happy.

Bird eats them all up.

Crocodile opens his mouth to show his rows of teeth.

I am Crocodile.

I can’t brush my teeth.

Bird sits in Crocodile's mouth and pecks at his teeth.

Bird pecks them all clean.

Giraffe tries to curl his tongue out behind him.

I am Giraffe.

I can’t scratch my head.

Bird perches on Giraffe's neck and holds a small twig.

Bird can reach just the right spot.

Zebra stands in the tall grass and squints.

I am Zebra.

I can’t see things far away.

Bird sits on Zebra's head and looks out into the distance. Zebra is happy.

Bird has great eyes,

so when he’s watching I’m safe.

The animals stand together. Only their legs are visible. Bird is on the ground.

Bird might be different, but that’s no problem…

Bird sings loudly. The animals watch.

We don’t even mind when he sings!

Will you be my friend?