Whose button is this?

Tinny Tim is a toy robot. A blue button bounces up to him.

Tinny Tim was sitting on the road when a button bounced his way.

Tinny Tim carries the button. He walks with determination.

“I wonder where this comes from,” he said.

He wanted to find out.

Tinny Tim almost gets squashed under someone's red shoe.

It was busy on the side of the road.


He nearly got squashed.

Tinny Tim holds onto the shoe lace. He swings through the air.

He made a lucky escape.

“It’s scary out here,” he said.

Tinny Tim looks up to the green man on the traffic light.

“Hey there, is this yours?”

The green man changes to a red man.

The green man said nothing. He just turned red.

“What a rude person.”

Tinny Tim sees a dog in the distance.

Tinny Tim carried on looking.

“Whose button is this?”

The dog licks Tinny Tim. He gets covered in dog drool.


…at least he’s friendly.”

Tinny Tim holds the button. He stands at a pedestrian crossing.

“I’ve got to get to the other side.

I’m sure that’s where this comes from.”

A car drives through a puddle and he gets splashed.


“That was close.”

He waited for the cars to pass before he carried on.

Tinny Tim holds the button in the air.

Maybe this was who he was looking for.

“Hello, who are you?”

Ruby Rags is a doll with buttons for eyes. She is missing one eye.

“I’m Ruby Rags.” “I think this is yours,”he said.

Ruby Rags and Tinny Tim sit next to each other. Ruby has both eyes!

“Thank you, little robot. Can we be friends?”